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Xpress Cargo

About Xpress Cargo

Shipping from the United Kingdom to India/Pakistan/Bangladesh

What we offer

We are an International Cargo Company based in London, United Kingdom.
Our aim is to provide affordable & quality services to customers
. Our priority is our customer satisfaction.

XPRESS-CARGO offers the most flexible and customer oriented portfolios of services in the distribution world today. We build a closer relationship with our clients, that way we get to know you and your priorities better. We design and deliver better quality, innovative and flexible solutions owing to our vast network of global resources and the complete spectrum of integrated services, all of which give us that competitive advantage.

We offer a no-hassle door-to-door baggage shipping service to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and few other countries, collecting your baggage and delivering it to your chosen destination. We provide you with boxes/cartons for your baggage and arrange customs clearance in the UK & India/Pakistan/Bangladesh and all at an unbeatable price.

At XPRESS-CARGO our aim is to ensure your product reaches its chosen market efficiently, therefore each solution may well be unique, dependent upon your timescales and budget ensuring that goods arrive the most effective way possible is as important as ensuring that they reach their final destination safely. 

Our features include stringent control of transportation functions, the use of fast, accurate systems, constant service monitoring, ensuring continuous delivery performance and well-trained, innovative people.

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